Lara Barsacq graduated in 1991 from Conservatoire national de Musique et de Danse de Paris, at the age of 17. Her first professional engagement took her to Israel, within the Batsheva company. Very quickly, Ohad Naharin asked her to choreograph a piece for the young Cie Batsheva. Based on this experience, Lara decided to throw herself fully into choreography. She produced several choreographic pieces for the Batsheva ensemble, the CNSMD in Paris, several independent companies in Israel and Amsterdam (Danswerkplaats), but also for her own.

In 2002, she decided to focus on her career as a performer, curious to confront the universe of other choreographers or creators, among whom we can mention: Benny Claessens, Lies Pauwels, Lisi Estaras or Jérôme Bel.

After 15 years of stimulating encounters, Lara returned to choreography, charged with an experience that now encompasses her many talents as a dancer, choreographer and performer. Lara is also regularly invited as an outside eye on other projects, such as Talk Show and Garcimore est mort by Gaël Santisteva, with whom she develops her choreographic work.

Based in Brussels since 2007, Lara Barsacq finds in this city an attractive, free and uninhibited artistic universe. In 2016, she began to imagine new projects taking their source in the past, while regularly bringing back female figures forgotten in the history of dance. “Lara Barsacq’s work is inspired by choreographic archives and favors above all research on the imaginary where history confronts the present. She likes to mix the tracks between archives, fictions, incarnation and documentary; talk about the big story as well as personal stories through which the vulnerability and the sincerity of being are revealed. Starting from historical events, autobiographical rituals and the material of reality, she tries to imagine dances, metaphors and to switch into incarnation.”

Since 2016, Lara Barsacq created 3 pieces:

- Lost in Ballets russes: a solo mixing the history of dance with her personal story. The creation took place on April 19, 2018 as part of LEGS festival at La Raffinerie - Charleroi danse (Brussels).

- IDA don't cry me love: a trio in which Lara invites two other women on stage and celebrates the figure of Ida Rubinstein, while making a manifesto on the freedom of female bodies. The piece was created on October 18, 2019 as part of the Biennale de Charleroi danse (Brussels) and was nominated for the Prix Maeterlinck de la Critique (2019-2020 season), as Best Dance Show.

- Fruit Tree: a quartet around Les Noces by Bronislava Nijinska and Igor Stravinsky revolving around the symbolism of fruit trees. The premiere took place on October 15, 2021 at the Biennale de Charleroi danse (Brussels).

Lara Barsacq is currently creating her fourth project, La Grande Nymphe; a trio between two dancers (Marta Capaccioli, Lara Barsacq) and a composer (Cate Hortl) on stage, accompanied by 3 musicians. It will premiere on May 17, 2023 at Kunstenfestivaldesarts, in co-presentation with Charleroi danse (La Raffinerie, Brussels).

Lara Barsacq was resident choreographer at Charleroi danse from 2020 to 2022. She is accompanied by Grand Studio and was one of the artists of Réseau Grand Luxe. From 2024 to 2028, she will be artist in residence at Théâtre de Liège.

Watch here a video interview of Lara Barsacq in the frame of Canal en ligne (January 2023), professional platform by Centre national de la Danse - CN D.

Gilbert & Stock asbl is the administrative structure for the realization of Lara Barsacq and Gaël Santisteva's artistic projects. Their artistic complicity pushed them in 2016 to set up a common structure while keeping an identity specific to each. Dialogue and exchange of ideas about protean artistic essays allow them to develop distinct and independent personal projects. Gilbert & Stock asbl has the primary vocation of a "think tank" (laboratory of ideas), to transform itself into a structure of production and distribution when a project takes shape more precisely and is in the need of to exist. It is in parallel syntony that Lara and Gaël trace their respective creative paths.