Piñata Cake, creation 2025

This new project Piñata Cake (working title) is a trio inspired by the spectacular unveiling technique using fabrics, generally used in the automobile to introduce the public to a new product. A metaphor for scoops and revelations, the project will cover our relationship to money, consumption, excrement and what we choose to reveal in society.

In a succession of visual revelations, the performers will be led through spectacular fragments to show us all sorts of things in a surprise effect. This new show will revolve around very marked rhythm changes or caesuras, performed with great freedom of tone so that astonishment is perpetually present. Its dramaturgy should also question our relationship to one-upmanship, change, novelty and consumption.

The premiere series of Piñata Cake are planned for springtime 2025 at Atelier 210 (Brussels, BE). Contact us to receive a presentation.

Previously, Gaël Santisteva directed TALK SHOW (2017) and Garcimore est mort (2021). In July 2023, he co-created Voie, Voix, Vois.

Piñata Cake - A project by Gaël Santisteva (creation 2024-2025)

Creation and performance (in progress) : Gaël Santisteva, Micha Goldberg, Jonas Chéreau

Artistic advices: Lara Barsacq

Sound and musical composition: Chris Peck

Light design: (in progress)

Costumes design: Sofie Durnez

Stage design: (in progress)

Administration & production: Myriam Chekhemani

Communication & distribution: Quentin Legrand - Rue Branly

Production : Gilbert & Stock

Coproduction : Atelier 210, Charleroi danse - Centre Chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Théâtre national Wallonie-Bruxelles (in progress)

Residencies : Charleroi danse (in progress)